Vanessa is back doing her daily business: grabbing lunch and coffee in Los Angeles. On Tuesday (January 11th) she was seen out with her dog Darla to grab some coffee and lunch while today (January 14th) she was seen leaving the Dogpound Gym in West Hollywood with – you guessed it – some coffee.

Merry Christmas everyone πŸŽ„ The team of Adoring Vanessa Hudgens wishes all visitors happy holidays and lots of love to you and your families and loved ones. The past few days (December 22nd and December 23rd) Vanessa has seen out on some coffee runs in the Los Angeles region. We hope you enjoy these adorable photos of V.

The team of Adoring Vanessa Hudgens wants to wish Vanessa a very happy 33rd birthday today. 🍾

Dear Vanessa,
happiest of birthdays to you. I don’t even know where to start… When I first saw High School Musical back in 2006 ’cause all my friends told me to I was like “Nah, not my thing thanks”. But I ended up loving it, knowing all the lyrics and every word from the movie as well as the dance moves by heart. I met my best friend thanks to you and Ashley (long story short) and I ended up starting fansites. Now Zach lets me be a part of this source about you and I am so honored and so happy to be able to update fans on your latest projects and things you support. You’re an inspiration for me for years and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way. I feel lucky to have such an unproblematic and inspiring idol like you. You’ve been with me in my life for so many freaking years and I love supporting you every day of this journey. Thank you so much for being the kind hearted, wonderful, talented and delightful person you are today. Happy Birthday V. Celebrate your beautiful self on this very special day.

– Sarah

Happy Birthday Baby V!

I started being a fan of you as soon as I watched the first High School Musical (much like most people), and ever since then I have followed your career and have been a huge fan and now that I finally get to have a site and follow your career more in-depth and support you in various ways that I never imagined before is just amazing. I’m always so excited to see where your career takes you and always hope you come out with even more TV shows and movies just so everyone can have more ways to see you shine!

– Zach