album name: High School Musical Soundtrack
release date: January 10, 2006
tracks: 13
singles: 1
total length: 37:57
label: Walt Disney Records

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About The Album

High School Musical: Soundtrack is the Soundtrack album based off the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) of the same name, High School Musical. It was recorded over the course of five days during the Summer of 2005 and released on January 10th, 2006 through Walt Disney Records.

Due to it’s incredible reception with the public and critics, the soundtrack for High School Musical became the best selling album of the entire year in 2006 by selling over 3.7 million copies.


  1. Start of Something New
  2. Get’cha Head in the Game
  3. What I’ve Been Looking For
  4. What I’ve Been Looking For (Reprise)
  5. Stick to the Status Quo
  6. When There Was Me and You
  7. Bop to the Top
  8. Breaking Free
  9. We’re All in This Together
  10. I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You
  11. Get’cha Head in the Game
  12. Start of Something New (Instrumental)
  13. Breaking Free (Instrumental)