album title: V
released: Sep. 26, 2006
tracks: 16
singles: 2
total length: 51:10
label: Hollywood Records

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About The Album

V is Vanessa Hudgens’ debut album first released on September 26th, 2006 under Disney’s Hollywood Records label. When first released, the album has sold over 34,000 copies in it’s first week which landed V at number 24 on the Billboard 200. Despite never reaching higher on the Billboard 200 charts, the Billboard readers voted it the seventh best album of 2006 as it would go on to sell well over a million copies worldwide.

V was promoted during two different tours, The Party’s Just Begun Tour with The Cheetah Girls and High School Musical: The Concert Tour with the High School Musical cast where she song various songs from the album.

Vanessa’s debut effort was recorded in between June 1st, 2006 and August 31st, 2006 as Hollywood Records was trying to put a rush on getting it recorded and produced as quickly as possible, presumably so she could promote it on tour as High School Musical became a huge hit just months before. The album as garnered mostly positive reviews with critics.

Vanessa has said that the title V, stands for Vanessa or Variety as the album can be viewed as a mixtape since it features varying genres such as Pop Rock, Pop, R&B, Dance and Electronic music.


  1. Come Back To Me
  2. Let Go
  3. Say OK
  4. Never Underestimate a Girl
  5. Let’s Dance
  6. Drive
  7. Afraid
  8. Promise
  9. Whatever Will Be
  10. Rather Be With You
  11. Psychic
  12. Lose Your Love

Deluxe Edition:

  1. Too Emotional
  2. Drip Drop
  3. Don’t Talk
  4. Make You Mine