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For someone who starred in a huge Disney phenomenon and just recently completed a Broadway show, this woman is completely grounded, exudes positivity, and lives life to its fullest. Her name is Vanessa Hudgens and she is one of the most down to earth people we have ever met.

Photoshoots usually tend to be chaotic and fast paced, however Vanessa’s energy created an overall sense of peace through the entire 8 hour day. Being that this was the first shoot she was able to style herself, her creativity and attention to detail were spot on. But besides her pretty face and an effortless sense of style that comes second nature to her, we were able to sit down with her and talk to Vanessa about what matters most, inner beauty.

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What we love the most about you is your free spirit, and the love and light you radiate everyday. How is it you are so beautiful on the outside yet beyond that on the inside?

To me, life is all about perspective. The way you choose to see the world can altar your everyday life. I choose to lead with love. Love to others, but especially myself. I love who I am. I work hard everyday to be the best version of myself that I can be. With daily gratitude and a positive outlook, I try to enjoy the little things and look at the world through a child’s eyes. When you are a child, your imagination is thriving. You don’t judge things, people or situations. You simply experience life to the fullest. The world can be a bit more magical, you just have to choose to see it that way.

How do you constantly remain true to yourself?

You have to de-clutter your mind in order to know the purest, strongest version of yourself. One way for me to get there is by constantly challenging myself and doing things that scare me. Another way is through physical challenges, like going to a workout class and pushing yourself to the point where you don’t think you can make it. When you get to that point, keep pushing forward. The miracle is always pushing past the point of giving up. When you push yourself beyond your boundaries, you realize you’re stronger than you think. This helps you gain clarity and become a better version of yourself. Keep pushing forward, keep striving to be the best, and pretty soon you will be stronger and more grounded than you ever imagined. You can then take that with you to your work and relationships. You will have more to give to others as well as yourself.

You have your own original style and are constantly changing your hair, yet still always stay the same loving, joyful person. How is it you never seem to be concerned nor effected by what everyone else seems to be doing?

Life is way too short to live your life through other people’s eyes. I can not stress that enough. You must live the life you want to live and not care about what other people have to say about it. Sing when you want, dance down the street, be silly! At the end of the day you don’t have to hear the chatter in other people’s minds. You have to live with yours, so do what you want. Who wants a life of ‘what if’s? Not me.

We noticed that you love to travel. What do you gain most from your trips?

I love to adventure and explore. The world is such a beautiful, massive place with so much to offer. The more new experiences I have the more present I am. I also love experiencing different cultures. It really inspires me seeing how other people live, what they treasure and how they adorn themselves. I went to New Mexico and fell in love with the history. The explorers, the turquoise, the way of the old world. I wanted to do a shoot inspired by the Native Americans. I just love it.

Who/What keeps you the most inspired?

Honestly, I think my boyfriend. I am so lucky. I have never witnessed someone work harder on their craft and well being more than Austin does. He inspires me to be more knowledgable in every aspect of life.

What are your thoughts on all these apps like facetune, or photo wonder that allow girls to change their appearance to post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc?

I think it’s quite silly. If you don’t like the way you look in a photo then quite frankly, maybe you’re trying to be someone you’re not. Women shine so bright when they know who they are and are proud to show it. Express yourself in photos, don’t try to be someone else.

What advice do you have for today’s generation living through technology and social media?

Don’t obsess over it. There’s a beautiful world out there and nothing compares to human contact. Yes social media can be fun but don’t dedicate too much time to it. Live your life first, and share moments you’ve captured second.